How to Promote Your Children’s Book Successfully

Marketing your children’s book on your own can be daunting and some factors needs to be considered. The following article contains some important tips to help market your children’s book successfully.

Before you start marketing children’s book, it is advisable to do some research to get insight on what you need to do in order to market your book best. Do some research on the audience that you are targeting and find out what tools and methods will be appropriate in order to reach them.

A great way to promote your children’s book is through social media. Platforms such as FaceBook and twitter are sites used to share information and they can be very effective when you want to promote your book as most kids and parents are online. Having the right social media profiles that highlights your book and showcase your work is essential. Focus on updating your profile regularly and ensure that your content is fresh, imaginative and creative.

Similarly, it is important to create a robust website that is friendly to children and observes the laws that protect them. It should be easy to navigate and include relevant information about the book, its theme, as well as your biography. Children are sensitive, hence ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which protects them from online hazards.

Befriend local librarians and bookstores who can be helpful in promoting your children’s book. Some libraries can also include you into their book club programs or you can choose to host a book club program. This will increase your books popularity since parents and children always ask for recommendations from the librarian. Besides, you can also befriend local bookstores as they are likely to host children and recommend them to read your book.

Look for ways to market your book at local schools as you are likely to be given the opportunity to talk to the children and tell them about your book’s story. The best way to promote your book is by engaging with your audience and meeting the needs of the school. Also, plan to donate some of your books to schools or offer them as gifts to parents of the kids.

Establish and build your visibility by attending book fairs and literary conferences. This is a good opportunity to network with other authors and get feedback from other people regarding your book.

Make sure you get testimonials from librarians and teachers as this is likely to increase the credibility of your book. This is especially important if you are want your book to be recognised as a bestseller.

Book awards can be effective in gaining recognition for your children’s book. Most parents and school are likely to purchase children’s books that have been recognised for various awards.

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