Some Common Q&As Regarding the HCG Diet

The HCG diet seems to be trending for quite some time already in the world of diet and fitness. Those who go on an HCG diet know that they are taking an extreme measure of losing weight wherein they can lose between 1 and 2 pounds each day. The best part about the HCG diet is the fact that you will never feel hungry as you go through the process of this diet plan. And yet, you must be responsible enough in carrying out this diet plan owing to the fact that you could be putting your life in danger if you do not know what you are doing. If you want to learn more about the HCG diet, then this article will be your best source about some things that you must know about it.

So, what is HCG?
Human chorionic gonadotropin that is abbreviated as HCG is a hormone that is in high levels early on among pregnant women. Truth be told, this hormone is even the marker that you can find among pregnancy tests that can be taken at home to tell whether or not a person is pregnant. You will even notice that HCG is being used as a hormone to be treating some fertility concerns that both women and men have. On the other hand, when you also have high HCG levels in your blood, this could mean that you might be suffering from symptoms of various cancer types with the likes of ovarian, testicular, as well as placental cancer.

The idea that HCG can be used as a diet tool was only suggested by the British doctor named Albert Simeons. The HCG diet according to him comprised of two components. The first one being you have to take a diet low in calories where per day, you must only consume 500 calories. Now the second component makes use of the mixture of the HCG hormone and bacteriostatic saline that will then be injected to the person.

Currently, you can get HCG products that come in a wide range of forms from the pellets to the sprays and oral drops. They can now even be obtained not just in your local retail stores but also in various websites that sell them online.

What to expect with HCG found in your body?
HCG is a hormone that is present during pregnancy that is protein-based and it is the one that will tell you that you are pregnant. They help in controlling the production of other hormones in the body such as estrogen and progesterone. You can expect the HCG levels to go down then after three months.

Will HCG help you shed of unwanted weight?
Aside from the HCG diet letting you lose increased levels of fats as well as boost your metabolism, you will not be feeling any hunger at all choosing this kind of diet. Indeed, being injected with HCG and consuming a low calorie diet will enable you to lose weight fast.

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