The Use of Training, Trickery or Disguise to Get Your Pet Take Pills

It is our experience that if ever we have to let our pet dogs take their pills, we know that we are going to face a challenging task. Somehow our dogs would have the inkling that we are trying to trick them, and thankfully, we as the more intelligent creature, have some solutions that are helpful to make us accomplish the task.

There are situations when dog owners have to give some medications like pills to their pet dogs for treatment. It is a fact that even us humans have a dislike in being forced to swallow any kind of medication, and so are with the dogs, thus there are some ways to give them this oral treatment.

Our first way to get our pet dogs take the pill is to insert it into the mouth by hand, and this is considered as the quickest way to perform oral pills to dogs. To do this, make the head of your dog tilt upwards, insert your thumb and index finger at the back of the upper jaw, and when the dog opens his or her mouth, take the moment of inserting the pill as far back as possible in his or her mouth. By removing your fingers and holding your dog’s mouth to close it briefly, you then blow its nose, and the response will be that the dog will be forced to swallow the pill.

The next tip, which is actually a disguise and the easiest manner of giving tablets to your pet, is to hide in the dog’s food or treat the tablets.

Another method of administering tablets into our pet dogs is a device designed by veterinarians, called the dog piller, where medications can be given ideally without fear of having your fingers bitten when the dog becomes aggressive. When you use this device, your procedure becomes easy and breezy, since this device that is easily available in major pet stores, is composed of a plastic plunger with a soft tip made of rubber, that makes your pet swallow the capsule.

The next disguise that we can make for our pet dogs to swallow their medication is the use of pill pockets, which are tasty treats with a built in pouch that can hide the tables, making it an easy and stress free manner of giving the capsules to your pets. These pill pockets come also in a range of flavors, which are excellent source of vitamins that can complement with the tablets to give our pets a healthy immune system.

Considered as slightly easier than pill or capsules is the use of a liquid medication in administering to our pet, and you just have to squirt the liquid into the dog’s mouth.

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